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  • hotel-list/hotels.doc — This is a list of 20 or so recommended hotels that are all close together in the same area. It was not possible to block any rooms off because there is not a hotel big enough. But all these hotels are so close together that it won't matter.

Hotel Tips


  • to call France, dial 011, 33, then take off the first 0 in the number, and dial the rest. for example, for the number … 06 79 67 32 19 … you would dial 011 33 6 79 67 32 19.
  • every one of these hotels should have an english speaking person that can help you.
  • Juan-les-Pins is right next to Antibes, within walking distance even. hotels in either of those two places will do. Antibes is a bit more charming. Juan-les-Pins has more bars/discos.
  • if you are looking on french sites here is a breakdown of what things are:
    • hotel = hotel
    • auberge = hotel
    • residence de … = an apartment with a kitchen, rented short term for vacations (good for groups!)
    • gite = a very primitive cabin with nothing inside but a few sleeping bags (good if you are hiking in the alps)
    • hostel = hostel
    • camping = camping and cabins to rent, very primitive
    • 2 pièce = literally translates to 2 bedrooms but really it means 1 BEDROOM!

Links to other hotel sites

  • - this site, in english, lists a large variety of accomodations including hotels and apartments.

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